Our Technology

State-of-the-art equipment

Medical imaging is rapidly evolving and a significant investment in the latest technology is vital to remain as the leader in your field. At Global Diagnostics our continued investment in quality radiology equipment ensures patients and referrers receive access to services equivalent to those provided at leading international medical facilities. We continually review the needs of our medical community and invest in new technology when we perceive a need for advanced imaging modalities or newer, better equipment.

The technology also needs to be implemented in a well researched, careful manner to ensure that all staff have the necessary education and operating knowledge, so that the best imaging outcomes can be achieved for our patients. At Global Diagnostics staff training goes hand-in-hand with our technology implementation. Significant investment in staff education is a core value within the practice.

Our radiologists also maintain continuous education to ensure they are at the forefront of technological advances and provide a wealth of experience across a full range of imaging modalities. Each has gained sub-specialty training and expertise, both in Australia and overseas. Our referrers rely on our superior medical imaging service based on accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

Digital report and image delivery

Global Diagnostics uses the latest picture archiving and communication system (PACS), an economic and efficient method of storing digital images and transmitting electronic reports. A PACS is a web-based technology that combines four key components:

  • Multiple imaging modalities (e.g. x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound)
  • Secure IT network
  • Multiple workstations for diagnosis and review, and
  • Secure archives for image storage, retrieval and backup.

Today’s advanced digital technology has enabled us to provide medical referrers with access to patients’ images and results within hours of their examination. We now boast a fully digital radiology service at all practices. Our advanced PACS enables staff and referrers to print hard copy as required, conveniently access images and results from any authorised remote location, and manage and compare multiple examinations and associated results over time.

PACS resolve past issues such as the loss of previous reports and images. No longer is it necessary to repeat x-rays when reports or films go missing. PACS allow staff to perform seamless quality control and quality audits, to maintain ongoing excellence in health care services.

The ultimate benefit of our digital infrastructure and our advanced PACS network is that images and results of a patient's test can be forwarded as soon as 15 minutes after the test completion to the referring doctor. For urgent studies, multiple doctors involved in the patient's care can review the images immediately and make the best treatment decision. This has been very beneficial on many occasions when every minute counts.

Future Planning

Global Diagnostics will continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and ongoing staff training and professional development, to ensure our clients receive high-quality services and the best patient care. We regularly review our equipment portfolio and reinvest profits in replacing equipment, in order to maintain our competitive edge.

Future planning includes assessing and expanding our practice locations to meet the needs of any expected population growth.