GDA Connect Online Portal

NEW ERA OF online image & report viewing software

GDAConnect is a web based clinician portal for our referrers and gives you easy access to patient images and reports, anywhere and anytime. GDAConnect’s Universal Viewer provides easy zero-footprint access to Global Diagnostics images and reports.

GDAConnect offers the following benefits to our referrers:

Zero-footprint viewer, for viewing images and reports, in any browser. You will no longer require InteleViewer to view your images and reports. You just need internet access and a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

Apple IOS APP - Reports and images can be viewed on any apple device by downloading the "InteleConnect" IOS App from Apple Store.

Reports being delivered through Health Link will have a web link (URL) on the bottom of the report and you will be able to view images through GDAConnect upon clicking the web link.

How do I access it?

Your login and password, and report delivery method is the same. If you want to use GDAConnect you will have a web link in your electronic reports, which you can use to launch GDAConnect on your device/computer of choice. Alternatively head to to launch GDAConnect.

If you would like to subscribe to GDAConnect, please click here to complete our online request form.